Vignettes of Nassau, Bahamas

We had mixed feelings about Nassau, which is probably why I wasn’t motivated to document our experience. It was crowded with tourists, the locals weren’t very nice or friendly, the main attractions weren’t at all impressive, things were overpriced, and the waters were too rough for a relaxing dip. Apparently, I’m not the only person who’s been disappointed by the port city. Many people who’ve … Continue reading Vignettes of Nassau, Bahamas

Feed Your Wanderlust with Flea Market Finds, Part One

Indulging on delicious cuisine, meeting people, exploring new places, opening your eyes to other cultures and going on epic adventures are probably the top reasons why we love to travel. They’re certainly a few of mine. But there’s one other reason that keeps popping in my head whenever I’m planning a trip or choosing my next destination: SHOPPING! Visiting a new country means a fantastic opportunity to buy … Continue reading Feed Your Wanderlust with Flea Market Finds, Part One

Vignettes of Yountville, Day Two

Day two in Yountville didn’t start out well for us. We came out to one of the vineyards up on the hills early Saturday morning with Napa Valley Aloft for a hot air balloon ride (and a champaign breakfast after), but the weather had other plans. We were hoping it would clear up, spending our time taking photos of the fog-covered vineyards and half blown-up … Continue reading Vignettes of Yountville, Day Two

10 Best Comic Book Stores in the US

Comic books aren’t just for shy and bookish kids anymore. Thanks in part to Hollywood and to the upsurge of counterculturalism, the world of fantasy, superheroes and villains that once only belonged to introverts is now a cool thing. Just look at the crowds that swarm ComicCon in San Diego every year. One of the best things about comic books – aside, of course, from … Continue reading 10 Best Comic Book Stores in the US

Best Ice Cream Sandwich Parlors in the US

Sweet Republic’s assortment of ice cream sandwiches in Scottsdale (Sweet Republic) Ice cream is arguably the one dessert that everybody, adults and kids alike, cannot help but love – maybe it’s because not only does it cool you down on hot summer days, it’s also very comforting. Or perhaps it’s partly because whatever dessert flavor your taste buds fancy, you’ll most likely find that flavor … Continue reading Best Ice Cream Sandwich Parlors in the US

5 Best Milkshakes in America’s Big Cities

Take the kids out for a special foodie treat. (Flickr: Jim Champion) Since the 30s, milkshakes have been one of America’s favorite drinks. And with classic favorites like chocolate, strawberry, and banana, it’s hardly a mystery. Kids, teens, and even adults just can’t get enough these ice cream treats, so much so that you can pretty much get them in most restaurants nowadays, from fast … Continue reading 5 Best Milkshakes in America’s Big Cities