Oh California

The vastness of the endless blue blanketing 6-lane freeways buzzing like a one big music production. The yellow water-starved seemingly lifeless (but really alive with snuggly bunnies, silly roadrunners, and not-so-snuggly rattlers) hills. The precarious cliffs outlined by rocky shores bustling with creatures that care not about time nor space. The salty smell. The dry wind. All the sunshine you could ever afford to want and … Continue reading Oh California

Destination: The Big South

The massive and powerful waves of the Pacific and the jagged rocks at the bottom of the California coast constantly meet with such intensity and force. To say that the fate of any poor soul who gets caught in between is bleak is a great understatement. But from the safe and distant haven above, atop the cliffs, this dangerous scene transforms into panoramas so stunning, … Continue reading Destination: The Big South