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Vignettes of Nassau, Bahamas

We had mixed feelings about Nassau, which is probably why I wasn’t motivated to document our experience. It was crowded with tourists, the locals weren’t very nice or friendly, the main attractions weren’t at all impressive, things were overpriced, and the waters were too rough for a relaxing dip. Apparently, I’m not the only person who’s been disappointed by the port city. Many people who’ve been share my thoughts. Still, I’m glad I came. It’s nice to visit and experience a destination at least once, even if it did disappoint. Here are some photos from my trip. all rights reserved. no part of this blog post may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

Disney Dream

Cruises aren’t our favorite way to travel, but after our wonderful experience aboard the Disney Dream, we cannot wait to do it again! Here are some of the photos from our cruise. Pre-Cruise Stay at Disney World Onboard the Disney Dream Star Wars: Millenium Falcon Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique all rights reserved. no part of this blog post may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

5 Reasons Why the Disney Dream Cruise was the Best Vacation I’ve Had

The Disney Cruise Line takes the magical feeling of a Disney park and the sense of adventure you get from a cruise. The combination of these two makes the Disney Dream one of the best vacations you’ve ever taken. Here are some of the reasons why I loved the Disney Dream Cruise. Vibe For me, the best part of the Disney Dream cruise is Vibe, the onboard teen club for ages 14 to 17. It’s the perfect place for teens like me to get away from their family and connect with other kids their age. Vibe has it’s own private deck with its own pool and lounging area, as well as deck games. The counselors are really cool and welcoming to everyone. Although our counsellors were technically our “chaperones,” it felt like they were just hanging out with us. At the coffee bar, food and drinks such as chips and smoothies are served. There are a lot of things to do from watching movies to chatting with the counselors and playing foosball with them. Every so often, we would start playing a game that involved everyone, …

Things We Love (and Hate) About Nassau

Visiting Nassau for a few hours during our very first Disney cruise, we got a fairly good glimpse of the vibrant Bahamian capital as well as a sampling of the good and the bad. Here are the things we love and the things we hate about the port city.   What We Love: The Colors. The colonial houses and buildings that line Nassau’s streets all flaunt pastel pink, yellow, blue and green colors, making them simply adorable to look at! The Food. We loved the food so much that we had to bring home some Bahamian spices with us. Try the conch fritters, jerk chicken and curry chicken with the Bahamian rice and plantains for a hearty meal, and get an afternoon boost with a cup of Bahamian coffee. The small restaurants at The Fish Fry serves authentic Bahamian cuisine while The Pasion Boutique sells terrific coffee beans. The Pirates Museum. Sure, it’s a little cheesy and definitely touristy, but looking at the exhibits, learning about piracy and trying to guess the answers to the trivia questions was pretty fun and …